About Backup My App

Our work is to write Ruby on Rails applications. We are not paranoid, but the fact that all our applications have daily backups makes us sleep well.

Rails is not for shared hosting and most VPS and dedicated servers
hosters does not provide any backup. If you ever tried to setup server
backup, you should know that it is very painfull. You have to buy addi-
tional backup server, setup rsync and database backup, make some
automatic monitoring system for it.

We are lazy (as the most programmers) and we decided to automatize
this process. So we thought, if we need useful automatic backup
system for our Rails applications, most of other Rails teams will need it


About Us

Work is Fun is a Russian Ruby on Rails developers company. We are working with the number of the best Russian web-design studios producing sites for them.
  • Igor Gladkoborodov

    founder of Work is Fun

    We are using Backup My App in all our sites we have made. And now we don’t worry about safety of our client’s data.

    For example one of our sites is theoryandpractice.ru, this is the biggest Russian edutainment portal. It has more than 10000 visitors daily and if something wrong happends, we can rewind and find lost data.


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