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  • New plugin version

    21 December

    We released a new version of our plugin.

    Release notes:

    • — Now supports Heroku
    • — Faster backup process
    • — Rails 2.1.0 and higher compatible

    We recommend all our clients to upgrade plugin on all applications. Type in your application root:

    script/plugin install git://github.com/crocoduck7/backupmyapp.git --force

    If you have any problems with it, write to support@backupmyapp.com

  • Good news, everyone!

    1 December

    We optimized our tariff system, made it much more flexible. Now, instead of four predefined tariff plans you can chose how much storage for backup do you need.

    We moved to new hardware and refactored our storage system, that made possible to reduce cost of backups. Now our price is $0.6 per gigabyte.

    We added a new free tariff plan. You can have 1 GB of backup for single application for free. Prefect for small rarely updating sites.

    All our existing customers automatically switched to our new cheaper tariff. The remaining paid time increased for them accodring to ballance on the account.

    What are you waiting for? It's sign up time!

  • We are open

    26 August

    We are proudly present our backup service for Rails applications. It is opened today and we are ready for your backups.

    The process of setup new account takes a few minutes and 15-days free account gives you enough time to test our service and choose suitable tariff plan.

    We are open for your suggestions of improving our service, please e-mail us to contact@backupmyapp.com.

  • How it works (programmers edition)

    23 August

    First you install plugin and provide it with our api key.

    When you execute backupmyapp:connect rake (or cap) task, we receive message from your application and check it key. If your key is ok, we add your application to backup-now queue for initial backup.

    Rake task executed by cron on our server tells your site to start backup by sending http request like http://example.com/backupmyapp?start_backup=YOUR_KEY. Of course, it is 404, but we catch it on your side by before_filter and execute rake task to backup.

    This rake task sends to us (via http) your current file structure with changed time and size of every file, we make diff of them with previous backup and return list of changed and new files to upload. Then rake task on your side sends each of them to us via scp and when it is done, it sends us request to finish backup.

    When backup is finished, we calculate statistics and do the server-side magic, and then show new backup in your account.

    Initial backup may be a bit long, because we have to download all your gazillion number of files. Next time it wont take too long, we will download only changed and new files.

    You may read all this in your native language on GitHub.

  • Why we did it?

    18 July

    Our work is to write Ruby on Rails applications. We are not paranoid, but the fact that all our applications have daily backups makes us sleep well.

    Rails is not for shared hosting and most VPS and dedicated servers hosters does not provide any backup. If you ever tried to setup server backup, you should know that it is very painfull. You have to buy additional backup server, setup rsync and database backup, make some automatic monitoring system for it.

    We are lazy (as the most programmers) and we decided to automatize this process. So we thought, if we need useful automatic backup system for our Rails applications, most of other Rails teams will need it too.


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