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Common questions

  • What kind of sites do you backup?

  • I am on shared hosting that provides daily backup, why should I use Backup My App?

  • How it works once again?

  • What are your system requirements?

  • How backup process affects my site?

  • What about security?

  • What is your privacy policy?

  • Can I backup several sites on single account?

  • Do you backup yourself?

Account and billing

  • Do you have trial period?

  • What types of payment do you accept?

  • Can I change tariff in the middle of the payment period?

  • What if I forgot to pay for service?

  • What is you billing period?

  • Can I cancel my account?

Setup backup

  • How to add site to backup?

  • How to chose proper tariff plan?

  • What are those red and green lights on the dashboard?

  • Why I need to install your plugin?

  • Can your plugin harm my application?

  • How do you backup database?

  • Why first backup is much bigger than next backups?

  • How many backups you store for each application?

  • What if I don't have enough space for new backup?

  • What if I want to keep significant backup?

  • Your extra-large tariff plan is not enough for me, what should I do?


  • What directories do you backup?

  • Can I change URL of my site?

Exploring your backup

  • What is list and thumbnails view?

  • Can I delete backups?

  • What is file browser?

  • Can I download files from stored backup?


  • How automatic restore works?

  • What is required for automatic restore?

  • Can I restore my application from terminal?

  • What if I can’t use automatic restore?

Useful tips

  • Changing hosting provider

  • Duplicating application to development server


Technical support and billing

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