How It Works

Snapshot-style backup service for Ruby on Rails applications

To save bandwidth and backup space, we monitor your files for changes and only save those. This lets you
access backup history for several weeks or even months depending of the size of your application and your
activity. When your backups reach your accounts size limit, we simply start removing your oldest backups.


Once you install our plug-in to your application and deploy it on your production server, you never have to worry about accidentally dropping your production database or deleting files uploaded by your customers.

We connect and communicate with your application via our plug-in and backup your application directory and database on a daily basis.
If anything goes wrong you can automatically restore your application at any time.

Easy to Start

Just install our plugin, we take care of the rest. A 15-day trial will let you test our service for free, or you can try our free tariff limited to 1 GB and a single rails application.

Backup only important data

You can backup the whole application or only selected directories.
If you use GIT or SVN to store your application code, you can backup just the public directory.
Save space by ignoring logs. Folders

Easy to Recover


If you make a mistake

Just click Restore button and we will restore backup automatically. Note: you should already have a working application with our plugin installed to use this function.

If you lose everything

You can download the whole backup to your computer and restore the database.

Easy to Explore Backups

You can explore backups by date and restore
any of them.

File manager

Download Our file manager will help you to find
your lost files and choose which backup
to restore. You can download any file
or directory to you computer.


File activity — powerful tool for comparing
backups. It can also be useful for monitoring
website activity. Shows how many files added,
modified or destroyed in a given period.

Other Features

Freeze function

When you reach the storage size limit, we will remove the most distant day in backup history to clear space for new backup. You can freeze any of your daily backups to store them forever. They will not be deleted during the cleanup process.


You will receive e-mail notification if the last daily backup fails for any reason. Mail


The backup process does not interrupt the work of your site and does not produce additional load on your server. All hard work is done on our server.

Our plugin is available on github, so you can check it’s code to make sure it can’t harm your application


The transfer between servers are encrypted by TLS/SSL protocol. No one can steal your data on the way.

Our servers are located in Erfurt, Germany. Data storage is set up with RAID 5 technology and we additionally backup it to an external server.

About us

Work Is Fun is a web-production company based in Moscow, Russia.

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